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Well, when I was a little girl I would spend hours flipping through the pages of a huge catalogue called "Quelle" that my father had brought from Germany. It had glossy pages full of beautiful pictures of lovely rooms, furniture and furnishing and was written in a language I could not decipher. But I think the pictures left an ever lasting impression on my mind and I grew up to be 'me' who drools not over food (or that too!) but good interior design, colors and photography. I also passionately love coffee, films, books, music, white gladioli, solitude, risotto, donuts, and my life (not exactly always in that order). I live in Bombay, India with my husband and little daughter and they both have changed my life in many beautiful ways.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Prepping for Diwali-One corner at a time

I wish all my readers a very Happy Diwali. May this festival of lights bring joy, beauty, peace& happiness to your life! Just a month back, we moved into a new apartment & are still in the tedious yet exciting process of setting up the house. I will write more about the new house & some of our DIYs later, but for now I will leave you with the pictures of my workspace that has been specially lit up to celebrate Diwali (technically the only festival that I celebrate with some enthusiasm).  

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Monday, 28 October 2013


It was on a rainy day in July, 2012 during one of our usual long chat sessions that my husband suggested I should start my own home decor blog. During those days after I quit my job as a corporate media lawyer, my life had become pretty simple...free from stress, 'to do lists', time tables, traffic, noise, office politics and blah blah. I was totally consumed in taking care my little girl and my only recreation was reading books & dozens of home decor blogs, every night after tucking my daughter into her little cot.  Life was beautiful but a little too peaceful for a workaholic like me. That particular night, I was telling my husband about some lovely blogs that I had come across that afternoon and he asked me 'what would you name it, if you had your own home decor blog?' And my answer popped out instantly "I would call it My Ikat Love".  The next I thing I remember was him sitting in front of the computer to choose a design & lay out for my blog. And that's how My Ikat Love was born, an impromptu decision, a little nudge from the same person who has always been my best friend, my biggest strength & weakness and love of my life!  

For the first few days, I was afraid of making it a public blog and my fear was that no one was going to read a design & decor blog of a lawyer turned stay-at-home mom blogger who claims to understand a thing or two about aesthetics. My fear disappeared when one single blogpost got more than hundred hits, the day I first posted my blog's link on a social networking site. I stopped doubting myself. What followed was many sleepless nights of writing, re-writing, editing, choosing topics, selecting pictures and within a few months, I saw readers and followers from across the globe visiting my blog everyday.

It's been a little more than a year of blogging and just when I became a little inactive & felt miserable for not being able to write more regularly, My Ikat Love got nominated by GoodHomes Magazine, India  as one of the Most Inspiring Blogs for GoodHomes Awards 2013 along with two fantastic blogs, one of which I have been following since many years. It is such a humbling experience to be recognized by one of the leading home decor magazines and a formidable team of jury members who shortlisted this blog from an array of Indian home decor blogs.  

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And even if I don't win, I will always cherish the moment in my memory when I first came to know about the nomination :))

I will be back soon. Till then 'Stay Inspired & Keep Voting'! 

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Monday, 19 August 2013

SoBo Apartment in L.A.

This room was tucked away in my reference folder of pictures since I first saw it on House Beautiful . I often go back to it whenever I feel like looking at a room full of warmth, cosiness and simple elegance. Although this living room is in a house located in Los Angeles and I don't know its owner Roman Alonso personally but  he & I both share a common passion and love for handmade and vintage home decor with universal appeal. And this room could very well be situated in one of those sprawling, pretty South Bombay apartments or anywhere in the world, for that matter. The brass lamps in the corner with its red linen shade, mattresses doubling as a sofa, the killim pillows on the colorful embroidered rug and the not to be missed  jute window coverings, all these are things that we see in the Indian style of home decor as well. And propping up framed artworks and photographs on the floor, is something I like doing too! 

Source: housebeautiful.com

Friday, 19 July 2013

Out of the Closet

Do you fancy a walk-in closet? Or better, a beautiful large dressing room? Well, if you are a woman with an undying fetish for clothes, bags, shoes and accessories, then you most likely run out of closet space every now and then and the only thing that can save you, is an open dressing area. I personally don't like keeping my clothes in a closed wardrobe. One because I need to have my clothes & accessories right in my sight, otherwise I forget that I own them, and two because I absolutely  love walk-in closets and dream to have one sooner than possible! 

Well, a walk-in closet is definitely a luxury if you live in a city like Bombay, and dressing rooms, do they even exist anymore? May be only in old houses and large sprawling apartments. But if you stay alone even in a tiny apartment & you want to bring in a little boho touch in your abode, then you can create an open dressing area right in a corner of your bedroom. Your bulky wardrobe can be replaced by a sleek IKEA clothes rack. You'll save money & space both. Hang your bright colorful dresses, scarves on the clothes rack..place a full length mirror next to it (hang a chandelier, if you can afford one).  Invest in a vintage dresser to keep  all your make-up, perfumes and jewelry in sight. Its drawers can neatly store your woolens too. Your  pretty stilettos, wedges, sneakers can be kept lined up on the floor to add a bit of a feminine touch. Hang your bags from the pretty and sturdy hooks. And if you have a few hats, just hang them on the wall too. 

Now see if your room looks anything like the ones below or even better!
source Huh, I wish I had so few clothes!
The colorful clothes rack looks so pretty against the large window!
Well, the owner definitely loves shoes and vintage bags  
Hmm, nordic minimalism!
I simply love this picture. Look at the mirror, it's a beauty!
This is exactly what I was telling you about
Lovely, isn't it?
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